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UAE residents can apply for a free course on learning how to invest in the stock market


Investing, entertainment and learning should be in equal parts. If you want to learn to invest in the stock market, Lead capital Corp Ltd has an exciting offer for the coming weeks. Paul Wallace and Malte Kaub, two of Europe’s most renowned English-speaking traders will deliver a free online course. They have trained more than 10,000 investors in various countries throughout their careers.

Would you like to learn how to invest from two of the best traders in the world? A new initiative from the international broker Lead capital Corp Ltd promises to take the secrets of trading and stock market investments from all around the world, completely free of charge.

Those who signed up will be able to see Paul and Malte tell all their secrets through more than three hours of the online course, delivered in video format and available to access at any time, meaning it can fit into any schedule.

Attending this trading course is free, and registration is done online.

Enjoy learning

Paul Wallace and Malte Kaub’s courses portray the idea that participants enjoy learning, as they will be a mix of entertainment and education. Participants will be able to see first-hand how and when to invest, how to manage the risks of investment, how investor psychology works, how to limit possible losses and optimise the benefits, how to work with diverse financial products and will also get to know the most common mistakes of novice investors.

On top of this, the most daring participants will even be able to put their learning into practice in real-time through a free stock market simulator, where they can make investments with virtual capital and zero risk.

Who signs up for these events? The participants themselves make it clear: ‘all kinds of finance-loving people with an insatiable thirst for learning and acquiring more financial knowledge’. And one of the principal advantages of this course is that no previous knowledge is necessary.

Registration is easy, and open on this page free of charge.

Disclaimer: CFD Trading is risky

Blog Credits: Kahleej Times.

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