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Pros and Cons Of Long and Short Term Rentals

Many homeowners are making their study income because they are simply leasing their homes on Airbnb. You may either list your holiday home for the short-term or long-term rentals. But, before doing so, we recommend that you weigh the advantages as well as disadvantages of both systems. This will help you to manage your Airbnb properties efficiently.

Short-Term Rentals – Advantages


This is an excellent benefit the short-term system offers, giving the homeowner complete control over the duration they want to lease their space. The homeowner can also take down their listing if their situation happens to change. You may also block certain dates during the vacation so that your family can also enjoy the space. This flexibility is only possible with the short-term system.


Latest statistics show that short-term systems help homeowners to earn almost 60% increased profits in comparison to the long-term systems. You may also take a look at the per-night tariff on the Airbnb platform. You will soon realize you are making plenty of money.

People Person

If you love meeting new people from across the globe, you will benefit a lot from the short-term renting system. You will get the opportunity to meet various kinds of guests that share interesting experiences. Life will be remarkably interesting as you meet different people.

Short-Term Rental System – Disadvantages


This system requires the homeowner to be available round the clock for the guests. You will also need to reply to numerous emails as well as queries from potential guests to increase your property rating on the website.

Continues Cleaning

Leasing your property requires you to keep the place clean in between guests. This means that you would need to ensure every bit of the space is spick and span.


It is not easy to trust strangers, we understand that, but, the short-term system does not have any reference checks like the long-term system. Therefore, you must be comfortable with hosting strangers in your home.

Long-Term Rental System – Advantages

Assured Income

Long-term system guarantees an income for a certain locked duration. You do not require to stress about getting guests for your space.


With the long-term system, you don’t need to stress about continuously marketing the holiday homes. You can be a peace, knowing that your holiday home is occupied for a fixed amount of time.

Invested Tenants

Usually, tenants that take up your space for a long period are very invested, especially with regard to caring for the place. They will look after the place as long as they stay there.

Long-Term Rental System – Disadvantages

Locked In

The only thing constant in life is change, and this could seem like a drawback. For instance, if you have a 6-month agreement signed for the place and, at some point, due to unavoidable circumstances you need to move back into your home, you cannot do so until the contract is fulfilled.

Lack Of Control

In comparison to the short-term rentals, where you have complete power over the property, it is not the same with long-term rentals. The tenant has complete power over the property until the contract is fulfilled.

If you have already decided on which system suits you best, you can connect with your nearest Airbnb service company and move forward.

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