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Dubai Studio City


Dubai Studio City has an assortment of residential and commercial towers all over. The commercial side of the community includes a range of production companies, television academies, retail spaces and offices. So basically, the commercial units mainly consist of offices for technology-related fields, such as animation, dubbing, set designing and editing. This area also caters to many freelancers; hence you will find a well-planned residential community here too.

Like its neighbor Media City, Dubai Studio City is also designed to accommodate to the needs of the Production houses including its crew members. A mix of mid-rise and high-rise buildings and community parks strongly suggests a family-friendly atmosphere.

The clusters of these residential buildings are surrounded by green spaces, offering panoramic views from the balconies and apartments that exudes luxury. Not to mention, this little city is also a pet-friendly community where people can take their pets out for a walk. Residents will have no trouble finding facilities like supermarkets, restaurants, clinics and schools in the area.

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