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World Mental Health Day: AZCO Announces a Thursday Off

AZCO Announces a Thursday Off on World Mental Health Day

Real Estate Brokerage company in Dubai, AZCO announces Thursday off for all its employees on World Mental Health Day. As the real estate sector is the busiest one and work is never ending, the company has further given people the privilege to the days they would like to work.

AZCO has been a part of the real estate market in Dubai for over 6 years. While taking this decision the Chairman Mr. Khurram Farooq said “As a mark of respect for the efforts taken by all the employees over the past 6 years, I want to offer a Thursday off so that all my members at the AZCO family are refreshed at all times. I made this decision keeping in mind the physical and mental well-being of all my employees.”

Moreover he added “There has always been a culture of hard work and putting in reasonably long hours in the UAE. I can’t see that changing unless the private sector begins introducing it first, with the other companies following its lead.”

The key to unlocking a shorter workweek without reducing productivity lies in three areas: 1) tightening meetings; 2) introducing “focus time” when everyone can concentrate on their key tasks; and 3) using technology more mindfully. Having more focused time also gives companies space for dedicated social time during the day.


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